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Temporary workers are the workers who are engaged by staffing firms. Whether or not the position is truly temporary, our temp staffing agency provides and pays temporary employees to host employers.

Every employee, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. Employers who host employees from temporary agencies near me are required to provide the same training, benefits, and safety measures. This applies to these temporary workers just as it does for regular employees.


Working hours:

It is the right of the workers from the temporary employment agencies near me to work no more than 48 hours a week or to work more if they choose to do so.

They are entitled to a minimum of one day off work each week and a 20-minute break. Additionally, they must have a full 12-hour rest period during any 24 hours if they work more than six hours.

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They are entitled to the same work schedules and breaks after 12 weeks as direct workers of the company.

Temp agencies and employers are required to ensure that temporary workers have the same protection for their health and safety as permanent staff members. This commitment extends to providing a secure work environment and upholding necessary safety measures.

As an employment agency of temporary employees, Alytus is responsible for establishing and upholding a secure work environment. Our customers, the host employer, also play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of these employees. Our ability to communicate with the host to make sure the required safeguards are in place is crucial for our workforce agency.

Full- or part-time employment from temporary agencies is possible, depending on the particular requirements of the position. Benefits are typically designated for permanent employees, however, temporary workers may be eligible in certain situations.

Benefits of temporary workers:

When considering to hire employment agency, companies often prefer temporary staff over fixed-term employees. Temporary workers from a staffing agency prove more cost-effective for replacing permanent employees during absences due to illness, maternity or paternity leave, or annual leave. Temporary workers may receive varying pay based on the work's demands and required skills. This fluctuation is determined by the temp agencies near me.

When determining the necessary staffing level from temporary staffing agencies, businesses are flexible and may quickly expand or decrease it.

Businesses may assess if the worker from the temp staffing agency near me is a good fit, similar to a probationary period but with more flexibility. This evaluation helps ensure compatibility for the position.

Businesses can rest easy knowing that a temporary worker has been suitably evaluated for the position. This assurance comes from collaborating with temporary employment agencies near me.