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Brand, message, and reach are the cornerstones of marketing, and without an effective strategy your product or service, no matter how good or how unique, will go unnoticed. As marketing recruitment we understand that today your target audience isn’t just those within earshot, and it goes far beyond those who are at a manageable driving distance from the nearest mall or broadcast range of local media. And as a marketing recruitment agency we also understand that marketing professionals have to be intimately familiar with this newly emerging brand landscape.


Technology has erased the limits that geography and practicality once placed on consumers and transformed the 21stcentury into one of high-level 360° marketing. Marketing has had to adjust to new realities faster than many other segments and the changes it is undergoing are rapid and constant. Is it any wonder that marketing recruitment has had trouble keeping up with the evolution of market place? Marketing professionals must have a keen grasp of a knowledge base and a skill set that have evolved in parallel. Finding fully qualified marketing staff is an uphill battle, thankfully Groom & Associates have not only been able to follow these changes, we’re forever improving and expanding our understanding of the segment so that we can be in a position to anticipate future trends and respond in kind to the radical social and technological innovations that seem to redefine and reinvent the marketing job descriptions without end.

Marketing is a competitive area, and it’s one where the energy of youth works best in concert with the experience more seasoned professional can bring to the arena. The talent pool for marketing positions is as much in a state of flux as the segment itself, and spotting exceptional candidates requires presence and vigilance. As a marketing recruitment agency we take the initiative when it comes to finding the right candidate for the right position within your marketing arm – professionals who are veritable brand, image and communication experts. We go out and actively seek the talent that will complete your organization and allow it to deliver a clear, convincing message to a difficult audience.


Alytus Staffing approaches every candidate search as if it were key not only to your success, but also to ours. If we’ve been at the forefront of marketing staffing and recruitment for over 20 years it’s because we’re in it to win, and that won’t happen if we’re second best.

Working with Alytus Staffing is a lot like having an ultra-specialized HR department in-house. We’re responsive to your needs. Most importantly, we know where to find the person that fits your precise requirements. Alytus Staffing prides itself on doing more, knowing more, and achieving more – for you. That’s how we stay ahead, and ensure you do as well.