skilled workers openings

There are several openings for skilled workers. For example:

  1. Machine Operators
  2. Forklift Operators
  3.  Weldors & etc

non-skilled workers openings

There are multiple non-skilled worker openings we have for you. For example:

  1. General Labors
  2. Packers
  3. Bakers & etc

current job openings

We have various job openings in the engineering sector. For example:

  1. Industrial Engineers
  2. Mechanical Engineers
  3. Automotive Engineers
  4. Electrical Engineers & more

industry verticals we serve in

We serve in the following industry verticals:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Automotive
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Manufacturing & more

domains we hire for?

In IT sector, we hire for the following domains:

  1. IT Management
  2. IT Security
  3. Data warehousing
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Networking

how our hiring process executes?

We are committed to delivering top-quality IT professionals who drive business results. Our specialist team of technology recruiters find, screen and hire people for mid to senior-level position.


the positions we hire for?

We hire for the following positions in supply chain & logistics industry:

  1. Account Executives
  2. Import & Export Agents
  3. Brokerage Manager
  4. Warehouse Coordinator
  5. Purchasing Officer
  6. CSR

what we do?

Alytus Staffing is at the forefront of providing staffing solutions for logistics and supply chain industries. And we do it to connect top-tier companies with highly professional and seasoned logistics experts.